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Premature ejaculation or early ejaculation is a problem that has gripped many youngsters.

This sexual disorder affects their sex life and may even disturb their relationship. Before discussing about the herbal treatment of premature ejaculation, we will discuss the ejaculation process in detail. When the accumulated tension as a result of full seminal fluid in the reservoir and vesicles, has passed a certain limit, the involuntary muscles of these organs contract automatically in strong spasms.

Then force their fluid contents in tiny column of spray against the anterior urethral wall. Simultaneously the prostatic muscles contract and project the special secretions produced during orgasm. It is not possible for the seminal fluid to flow away inwards in the bladder direction. And at the same time it become impossible for the urine to pass with get mixed into the semen, so long as the penis is in erection the urethral crest makes it impossible to pass water or urine.

After ejaculation, blood flows from the spongy tissue of the penis at a faster rate than fresh arterial blood flown in until the penis is flaccid tong balm application again. Further stimulation persists and causes a renewal of the process once again. It is hard to tell whether reservoirs and vesicles become entirely empty after ejaculation. But we find that it is possible to repeat coitus almost at once, so, we can assume that only a partial emptying of these organs takes place.

It is also true that complete or partial discharge is a matter of individual
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