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Though she appeared in 13 films, she was only credited in the one for which she is best known: Toto in the Wizard of Oz. She was chosen out of hundreds of dogs for the role and spent two months living with Judy Garland as part of the training. Terry's role gained her so much popularity that her owners changed her name to Toto in 1942.

Recycle your cans. Not only can you recycle aluminum soda cans, you can also recycle the steel cans that vegetables and soups come in. You will also get a little money for this if you take them to your local scrap yard.

All manufacturing, distribution or retail sales require good personal sales skills. If you are poor at communication skills or English is a second language, consider buying a liquor store, gas station or hamburger stand, just a few of the businesses that do not require, personal selling, or do they?

The seasoned junkyard shopper knows all the best locations, the best picks, and what the procedures are for getting all of those good parts. Those new to the "do-it-yourself" junkyard scouring should do their homework, and make sure they are up for the task. If you are a hands on person, are familiar with car repairs and don't mind getting dirty, junkyard shopping can be a profitable and fun adventure.

The second way how to junk a car is to salvage it. This is probably the most popular way to junk a car. There are a ton of salvage companies that buy junk cars for the sole purpose of dismantling them and using the parts that are still in good condition. The great thing about salvage yard is that they will take the car regardless if it runs or not. Once they buy the car they will wait to see if anyone, mainly those who repair cars, will come by and purchase any of the parts. If no one comes by they will sell the metal body to scrap metal companies. This is how the salvage companies make the bulk of their money. Keep in mind that each salvage yard is different and will therefore have different rules and conditions.

Also if you think about it, big charitable organizations like the American Red Cross only accept proper looking and working Automobiles. They need to make a gain so that they can impart it into humanitarian agendas. If your car is only somewhat shameful the organization has subsidiaries that refurbish the car. Afterwards, they will either utilize it to carry out their duties or auction it to raise funds.

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