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Fine-color, large, and eye-clean (lacking visible inclusions) rubies like this 11.01-carat stone from Myanmar are extremely rare and valuable. Heat treatment is very popular on these gemstones especially with rough stones that would not normally make the grade as gem quality, this treatment enhances the gems colour and clarity by melting some of the 'silk' that is common place in this jewel.

ruby cabochonBecause the gemstone is quite expensive, use it sparingly, and understand that as its natural, every bead or cabochon will be a different combination of color. Buy any gemstone(s) above $750 and we'll ship it free to you in time for Valentines Day so you can present it in a beautiful gemstone box.

Sapphires that come close to Kashmir sapphires in color tones are those from Burma (Myanmar). There is some controversy in the gem industry regarding the classification ruby gem (Home) of rubies vs. pink sapphires. Though, human beings have also invented artificial gemstones, the charm of the natural gemstones is invincible.

The crystalline form of aluminum oxide, the name Corundum is believed to be derived from three ancient Tamil, Hindi and Sanskrit words for Rubies and Sapphires, "kurundam", "kurund" or "kuruvinda" respectively. Use the categories above to narrow your search down so that you have the convenience of filtering by Ruby Cabochons, Ruby Carvings, Ruby Gemstones , Ruby Pairs, Ruby Parcels, Ruby Rough, Specimens, and beyond.

Articles in the New York World-Telegram and The Sun in 1953 mentioned this fabulous gemstone. Now regarding rubies being more ‘rare' then diamonds, I completely agree with you in that statement and searching & sourcing a nice high quality ruby is not easy. Mozambique rubies, being one of the most favourite rubies of wearers followed by Myanmar Rubies, are often found as treated by the glass or lead filling to enhance their natural clarity or the transparency.

Sapphires are among the most highly prized gems for serious collectors and investors. This gemstone was believed to protect sailors, as well as to guarantee a safe voyage. Prices for Burmese rubies are at a premium as the number of stones for sale is limited to items imported before the act.

These types of treatments are often used to improve the appearance of stones towards the desired color or to make them luster. You should know that various types of rubies and sapphires are offered for sale. Indian ruby, which is dark red in color and in a green, fuchsite matrix, is called fuchsite ruby and those that are mixed with opaque red and set in a green zoisite is used in place of a smaller gemstone.

While conventional heat treatment is an accepted practice in the trade, the level of heat applied to Möng Hsu rubies in order to enhance their color led to some controversy in the industry. Concerns were raised not only regarding heat treatment more generally but also over whether rubies from Möng Hsu should be distinguished from other Myanmar rubies.

Synthetic star corundums were very popular in the 1950's under the trade name Linde Stars" and are still in production today. By comparison, recent production of Burmese rubies has been almost exclusively in smaller sizes, with the vast majority of gems requiring heat treatment.

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