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How to use rear view camera ?

After set up, the reverse picture is automatically switched to lcd monitor while automotive reversing, no want different operations.

How to decide on good rear view camera ?

1. rear view camera chips: CCD or CMOS ?

Chip is an important a part of the rear view camera. They can be divided into CCD and CMOS depending on the parts. CMOS is primarily utilized in reversing digicam with lower image quality necessities. Its advantages are decrease manufacturing price and lower power consumption compared with CCD.reversing camera kit The drawback is that CMOS cameras have greater requirements for mild sources; CCD chip is excessive-finish technical part used in pictures and video which comes with a video seize card. CCD and CMOS have nice technical and performance gaps. Basically, CCDs have better performance, however they are also costlier. It's endorsed to decide on a CCD chip rear view backup camera systems for cars in case your funds just isn't so tight.

2. definition

Definition is one in all an important indicators of the digicam. In general, if the camera has excessive definition, the image high quality can be better! How to purchase a high definition rear view camera? The reversing camera generally makes use of the variety of lines to tell apart definition, reminiscent of 420 lines, 480 traces, 500 lines, 580 traces, and 600 lines, excessive line numbers means excessive definition.reversing camera kit However, high definition rear view camera night time wisual effects will be discounted.

3. night imaginative and prescient

Often good high quality rear view cameras have night imaginative and prescient operate, and will not affect the rendering impact. Usually night imaginative and prescient is known as night vision if the rear view camera equipped with infrared gentle or white LED gentle. Without infrared mild, it might probably solely be mentioned to be low illumination, and the imaging effect under the identical gentle circumstances shall be better.

4. waterproof

The reversing camera typically designed with waterproof perform, in order that it could possibly better protect the digital camera and lengthen the life of the reversing bakcup digital camera.

5. shock and mud proof

All rear view cameras have shockproof and dustproof perform, as it's a basic requirement.

How to put in rear view camera ?

First, take away the power provide cable from the on-board battery and place the removed cable away from the electrode to stop accidental energy on.
Second, decide the set up place of the automobile rear view camera, generally divided into two varieties:
One kind is to install the rear view camera into the license plate gentle position of license plate holder, this sort of installation is comparatively simple, simply use the small screws provided contained in the camera accessories package deal to fix the rearview digicam on the place of the license plate mild. Via the adjustment of iron pieces or gaskets within the accessories package deal, so that the reverse camera can achieve the most effective reversing view angle. The rear view camera’s cable passes by means of the hole in the license plate gentle and penetrates into the automobile, it is linked to the reversing mild energy supply and the video extension cable. One of these reversing camera is very talked-about, it has a extra concealed look and is simpler to put in.
The opposite sort installation ought to drilling a shole which embedded contained in the bumper. The advantage of this methodology is that there is no such thing as a must drill holes in the metallic elements behind the automotive. As a result of the bumper is a plastic oart, the digicam is comparatively simple when wiring.
Third, join the rearview camera’s energy cord to the reversing light power cord, join the reversing camera’s video cable to the video extension cable, the other end of the video extension cable linked to the AV input port of the automobile monitor.
Finally, restore the battery power provide cable and start the car, grasp up the reverse gear, you'll be able to see the reverse image on the car display.

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