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Ruby is a precious and highly sought after red gemstone which ranges in color from pink to blood red. In order to differentiate Bangkok rubies from Myanmar rubies of high quality, few gemstone sellers market these Bangkok rubies ruby gem by the name of 'New Burma Ruby'. Although it is very difficult to evaluate the value of a ruby with bare eyes, knowing about its structure, composition and appearance can help you eliminate the cheap quality stones from the lot.

And one of the rarest gemstones on the earth. We are also seeing many Australian sapphires, which are often a dark blue, but with a slightly green undertone, as are those from Thailand; both sell for much less per carat. Others find treated gems acceptable, especially at a lower price.

Ruby is the special name given to the Red Colored Sapphire. Moreover, the offered stone is checked against various parameters of quality. A style of cutting that consists of giving to the stone many small faces at varying angles to one another, as in various diamond cuts.

Natural Certified Muzambian Ruby (Manik) Loose Gemstone. Most rubies and sapphires are produced by washing the gravels of these stream deposits. Light-colored sapphires or fancy sapphires as they are often called are all the other colored sapphires except blue and red.

Since a ruby is nothing more than a red sapphire, a clear sapphire treated in this way is considered a genuine (though not completely natural) ruby. Just like ruby, sapphires are subjected to a wide variety of heat and fracture-filling treatments. Unless the seller specifically states the stone is unheated, you should assume that some kind of heat treatment has been used.

In the late 1990s, gem quality rubies began appearing in much more abundance from the Möng Hsu region of Myanmar. Furthermore, basic heat treatment of rubies is an established practice in the gem industry so long as it is openly disclosed. This beautiful red gemstone allows you to see your own strength, and your creative potential from a heart based perspective.

Originating from the famed Pamir region, it is estimated at HK$920,000 - 1,200,000 (US$120,000 - 150,000) and accompanied by various reports including a Gubelin report stating that the natural ruby has no indication of heat treatment and originates from Tajikistan (Pamir) along with a Gubelin information sheet on the rarity of unheated rubies.

When these gems are manufactured, growth features and other characteristics provides some of the strongest evidence for the synthetic manufacturing of ruby and other varieties of corundum. The carefully curated selection of gemstones - titled ‘The Jewels of the World collection' - has been chosen based on their exceptional quality, rarity and beauty.

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