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There has been a bit quiet on the ATP pro player racquet front of late, but the off-season is a period of testing new things and Novak Djokovic is trying a new blacked-out HEAD racquet. Designed to elevate the game of advanced players, the Wilson Pro Staff comes unstrung, so you can customize it with your preferred tension and materials. This type of design will help any player develop a lot more power on their return shots. But Wilson rackets are just spectacular.

With this racket Head have also allowed more space between the cross strings so that you can get some good spin out of the racket too. Tennisschlaeger Test The first thing to notice is its extra-large head size of 115 square inch and 27.75-inch length which gives a big feel in the hands.

The racquet industry was an environment that was once dominated by a few companies until one of them, Wilson, devised an ingenious strategy for labeling and marketing their racquets that involves the stiffness" of the racquet. Choose head-heavy racquets for added power and stability.

Babolat and Wilson both have one trademark player everybody knows. The new Graphene Prestige Rev Pro had a 93 square inch head as with previous versions of the Prestige Mid, however, this is where the similarities ended. Staring at a wall of rackets in a tennis shop or surfing among the hundred of options online is intimidating.

This racquet is very powerful and offers an electric look for players looking for easy power and seniors who want less stress on their body. This is widely enabled by the enlarged space between the cross strings of the 18 20 cross pattern which offers extra spin and power.

Choose a normal, 27-inch long racquet unless you want the added power of extended length racquets. The behaviour of racquets and balls is governed mainly by Newton's three Laws of Tennis. In my opinion, the HEAD Tennis Sensor powered by ZEPP is a good all-round product.

So if you can get a nice cover to help protect your racquet when not using it or a can of decent tennis balls this is never a bad thing. This racket also has technology that dampens vibrations from the ball, offering increased comfortability. Also its large head size provides you with a large sweet spot.

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