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Picking the right tennis racket is usually an emotionally driven decision. If you are more of an aggressive playing, you will benefit a lot form its maneuverability, stability and power on the court. Next, you will want to look for racquets that have an oversized head. This model features an aerodynamic frame for a faster swing and crisper play, making it an ideal option for intermediate and advanced players alike.

The tension level of the strings is adjustable to give the player varying degrees of power. Check the beam width, the triangle under the racquet head, to gauge power potential. It was taboo for a professional player to play with an oversize racquet until the late 80's when Andre Agassi burst on the scene with his 110 oversize frame.

Created by YONEX, this unique breakthrough in racquet design allows us to produce a sweet spot with a 7% more effective hitting area for you to make match winning shots. We feel this is important for volley players, so we looked for rackets that scored high in this attribute.

I don't much like the way the Babolat hits the ball, but there's no denying that it gets the yellow orb to where it's supposed to go, with purpose. In this post, you'll Tennisschlaeger Test (just click the next webpage) find our selection of the top 5 rackets of 2018 for serve and volley players. Open stringing offers more spin, which means you can hit the ball harder with top spin.

The sweet spot on this racquet is big but the overall head size is a bit smaller than other beginner racquets from Head. The Soft Feel technology, which uses a balsa wood frame, offers excellent comfort upon impact. Its frame has the Spin Effect Technology which is quite unique and really helps to add that extra spin potential in your shots.

According to Head at the time, d3o reacted to the needs of a player in nanoseconds providing a softer touch and better feel on slow-speed impacts, like slices and drop shots, and increasing in stiffness to create power on high-speed impacts, like serves and passing shots.

There are good levels of power and we found that it was easy to direct the ball around the court and give your opponent the runaround, but you won't lose out on touch shots, at or near the net, like drop shots and volleys. If you are tennis player you most probably own at least one tennis racquet.

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