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If you develop fever, chills, nausea or vomiting you should contact your medical professional right away as these are signs of a more serious infection.Although this infection is serious one there are ways for you to treat it no matter how severe it has become.
It is important to take it seriously and start treating it right away. The longer a person takes to treat it the higher the chances that it can spread throughout the body and start affecting other organs.Women ranging from 25 to 35 years of age who are diagnosed with infertility are affected by Endometriosis.

In fact, 18% of the women population diagnosed with this condition, have not fully grasped the cause and a solid theory is yet to be established by the medical experts.It is a condition wherein the endometrial tissues are deposited in unlikely areas.

Thus, endometrial tissues line not only the inside of the uterus but also outside, including the ovary, fallopian tubes, and even the intestines.The growth of these tissues outside the uterus causes irritation in organs and is usually painful. It causes the backflow of menstruation onto the fallopian tubes and in turn can cause scarring.

The scarring is a significant factor that causes infertility. The blockages also beget infertility as they prevent completion of the ovulation cycle and lessen the chances of the uterus to effectively house the embryo upon conception.Surgery procedures have also been pointed out as a possible cause of endometriosis.
These rare cases of transfer of endometrial tissues via the blood stream also affect the fertility of a woman by causing abrasions and multiple scarring of the pelvic and uterine walls.Without a thorough medical assessment, spotting endometriosis is a bit difficult.

Often, the primary symptom of the condition is infertility. And it is with the fertility workout that we discover the condition Endometriosis. Women who are affected with this condition most of the time do not experience uncommon symptoms that would help its diagnosis.Most people think that ovarian cysts during pregnancy can pose a serious health threat.
In fact, it is not for most of them. It is also worth mentioning that many pregnant women actually have ovarian cysts whilst expecting.

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