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If you're a basketball player, at some point in your career you've probably tried different ways on how to increase vertical jump. Some people are born with the natural ability to jump high, and others have to put some effort into it. Increasing your vertical can be beneficial across various sports such as basketball with being able to get up and dunk on your defenders, volleyball when jumping up and spiking the ball down on a serve, or track hurdlers so they can get over the hurdle and explode out.

This final study, combined with the other studies, reinforces the importance of taking a balanced approach to your training inputs in order to maximize the different strength characteristics that are involved in jumping. We do not start with dropping from heights, we start with Drop Squats focussing on a quick drop and stabilizing, we progress the Drop Squats from double leg to single leg.

Until you include a hip flexor workout, the way our programs teach, in your current jump training program, you will always be operating at less than 100% efficiency. One exception to static stretching would be stretching the hip flexors which have shown to improve jumping ability because it is often very tight in most athletes and increasing its mobility helps let the muscles fire better.

A compilation of the different studies on plyometrics and its effect on vertical jump reveal gains of between 5% to 10% on the different jumps. Our training manuals and books have been composed by experts and professional trainers who specialize in plyometric training and vertical jump exercises.

When we talk about vertical jump exercises, it is usually the squat which gets the most attention. Power and Strength Exercises for Jumping Strength exercises include slow, controlled movements like squats, lunges, and weighted step-ups. Use exercises which include a strong leg and hip extension.

There is both an art and a science to vertical jump improvement methodology that can quickly become convoluted with technical jargon and physics equations. This will further work the elastic component of your muscles and train your body to rapidly descend.
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