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imageThe VESC ® BLDC is actually the most recent and greatest Open up Source ESC which our company primarily use to control our Electric Skateboard Motors. It was constructed from the ground up with lots of customize-able settings that standard RC ESCs don't provide.

v4.12 Components v3.34 Firmware
VESC BLDC Open-Source Electric Skateboard ESC VESC is an available source, very modifiable digital speed controller ESC by Benjamin Vedder. It works fantastic for developing your very own Do It Yourself Electric Skateboard. The VESC allows you to make use of sensorless electric motors to accomplish smooth start-up coming from a stop versus standard RC ESC's which have trouble starting from a comprehensive quit. You can attach your VESC using Mini USB to your computer system and also modify VESC settings to match your necessities.

The VESC Device is actually just available on Windows and also Linux. There is actually no MACOSX Help. Our VESC ships to you tested various times during the course of the production cycle.

Pre-configured for a Singular Motor Electric Skateboard along with our 6355 190KV Electric Skateboard Motor and also our 12S2P electric skateboard accessories Skateboard Electric Battery Load. Your VESC will certainly perform better when configured for your particular motor as well as battery voltage. Feel free to describe our videos listed below to find out more on how to program your VESC. You may require and/or require the adhering to things below along with your VESC.

VESC Additional Items
Do not overlook these products as you may need all of them for your VESC to function appropriately!

- Male to Guy Servo Adapter - Connect your 3pin PPM VESC pins to your Electric Skateboard Remote. - VESC XT90 Identical Adapter - Hook up Twin VESC's energy connects XT90s for source of power. - VESC CanBus Port - Connect Double VESC's for records communication. Don't fail to remember to specify VESC to Master/Slave. - VESC Service Warranty - Get 1 Year Service Warranty for your VESC.

Connectors Required for Solitary Electric Motor Setup
- Guy to Male Servo Port - Connect your 3pin PPM VESC pins to your Electric Skateboard Remote. The Guy to Man Port will link into the VESC into the Remote Receiver. This is actually demanded for communication in between the VESC and also Remote Receiver.

Connectors Required for Dual Motor Setup
- Guy to Male Servo Adapter - Connect your 3pin PPM VESC pins to your Electric Skateboard Remote. The Male to Man Port are going to connect into the VESC into the Remote Receiver. This is demanded for communication in between the VESC as well as Remote Recipient. - VESC XT90 Parallel Port - Attach Dual VESC's energy plugs XT90s for power source. The XT90 Matching Adapter attaches the electrical power wires in parallel for a Dual Electric motor create. Demanded for Twin Electric Motor Setup. - VESC CanBus Port - Attach Double VESC's for records interaction. Do not overlook to set VESC to Master/Slave. The CANISTER bus Connector communicates VESC 1 to VESC 2. Required for Double Motor Setup.

Extra Connectors
- VESC Sensing Unit Cord Adapter - The Sensing Unit Cable Adapter is actually an adapter to link our Sensored Motors sensored wire to the VESC. Sensing unit cords aren't called for however are actually normally used in FOC Sensored (VESC Mode) which will definitely be more soundless. Regarding 95% of consumers run Unsensored setups due to the fact that they function completely without sensing units. This is actually merely an included option as well as certainly not called for. If you choose not to make use of sensors that are included in the electric motor you may just tuck them in to your room. I would certainly not recommend removing the sensor cables. - Mini USB Cord - A Mini USB wire is called for to configure the VESC. This is a standard Mini USB Cord and isn't called for if you actually have one.

Current VESC Specifications
- v4.12 Hardware - v3.34 for Firmware - 10awg motor wires w/ 5.5 mm bullet ports. - 2mm JST-PH Connectors (all ports) - Bootloader as well as Firmware Loaded. - Weight = 4.5 oz * You are actually demanded to accomplish your own Electric Motor Diagnosis & Settings adjustment to your setup. Our team perform possess Electric Skateboard Tutorials on this setup as well as arrangement.

VESC BLDC Electric Skateboard ESC Benefits
- Sturdy, Trustworthy and also Progressive Electric Brakes. - Begin with a deter with Unsensored/Sensorless Motors as if they are actually Sensored. - Lots Of Protection Components like Present Control as well as Temp Control Features - Sensored and Unsensored (FOC) Area Oriented Control permits your electric skateboard to manage a lot more effectively with barely any type of motor sound.

VESC BLDC Electric Skateboard ESC Features.
- Installed 5V BEC (Used to electrical power your recipient.) - Voltage: 8V to 60V (Around 14S LiPo Current) - Current: Approximately 240A for a handful of secs or 50A constant - PCB dimension is 40mm x 60mm - Cultural Braking - Sensored or Sensorless procedure - Excellent start-up twist with sensorless motors - VESC comprehensive size is actually 120mm long, 40mm vast. - Electric Battery Cords = XT90 Women w/ 5mm Male Bullet Connectors w/ 10awg High Plastic Fiber Cable - Electric Motor Wires = 5.5 mm Bullet Connectors w/ 10awg High Silicon Fiber Cord

VESC Tutorials & Videos
- Just how to Configure the VESC * BLDC Setting - How to Create VESC FOC Method * FOC Method How To attach RC Mini Remote To VESC Just how To fix VESC FOC Method

VESC BLDC Service Warranty
No fuss, inexpensive VESC without any manufacturer's warranty. At our present rate aspect, we would certainly certainly not be able to offer a total service warranty on VESCs. Having said that, they are actually checked prior to delivery.

The VESC is extremely prone to harm if used wrongly. It is still and also a beta item. Appreciate performing the cutting advantage at a budget-friendly cost! Our experts perform our greatest to receive you up and managing without any issues. Satisfy see our YouTube Videos on setup.

VESC is presently a BETA item.
By acquiring the VESC without service warranty is actually upon your very own Risk. Any type of DRV8302 errors or even errors after testing are your own responsibility. Our team do certainly not offer any sort of replacements or returns.

Our experts perform our finest through considerable screening on our end which includes loading the bootloader/firmware, screening BLDC method, electric motor discovery and also screening FOC mode. We operate these tests 2-3 times. If we are able to carry out the observing without any issues, the VESC prepares to become shipped.
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