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The VESC ® BLDC is actually the current and also biggest Open Source ESC which we exclusively utilize to control our diy electric longboard Skateboard Motors. It was actually developed from the ground up with many customize-able settings that standard RC ESCs do not offer.

imagev4.12 Hardware v3.34 Firmware
VESC BLDC Open-Source Electric Skateboard ESC VESC is an available resource, extremely flexible electronic rate controller ESC by Benjamin Vedder. It functions awesome for developing your own DO-IT-YOURSELF Electric Skateboard. The VESC enables you to utilize sensorless electric motors to obtain smooth startup coming from a stop versus typical RC ESC's which have difficulty starting from a comprehensive deter. You may connect your VESC via Mini USB to your personal computer as well as modify VESC settings to match your requirements.

The VESC Resource is only offered on Windows and also Linux. There is no MACOSX Support. Our VESC ships to you examined numerous opportunities in the course of the manufacturing cycle.

Pre-configured for a Single Motor Electric Skateboard with our 6355 190KV Electric Skateboard Electric Motor as well as our 12S2P Electric Skateboard Electric Battery Pack. Your VESC will definitely perform far better when configured for your particular motor and battery voltage. Feel free to refer to our video recordings listed below for more information on how to configure your VESC. You may require and/or need the adhering to items listed below with your VESC.

VESC Additional Items
Don't fail to remember these items as you might require all of them for your VESC to work correctly!

- Male to Man Servo Port - Link your 3pin PPM VESC pins to your Electric Skateboard Remote. - VESC XT90 Matching Connector - Connect Double VESC's power connects XT90s for source of power. - VESC CanBus Adapter - Hook up Twin VESC's for data communication. Do not neglect to establish VESC to Master/Slave. - VESC Warranty - Obtain 1 Year Service Warranty for your VESC.

Connectors Required for Single Motor Create
- Guy to Guy Servo Adapter - Connect your 3pin PPM VESC pins to your Electric Skateboard Remote. The Guy to Man Connector will link into the VESC in to the Remote Recipient. This is actually required for interaction in between the VESC and Remote Recipient.

Connectors Required for Dual Motor Setup
- Man to Guy Servo Connector - Attach your 3pin PPM VESC pins to your Electric Skateboard Remote. The Male to Guy Connector will definitely plug into the VESC into the Remote Receiver. This is demanded for interaction between the VESC and Remote Recipient. - VESC XT90 Matching Connector - Link Dual VESC's power connects XT90s for source of power. The XT90 Identical Port connects the electrical power cords in similarity for a Double Electric motor create. Demanded for Double Electric Motor Create. - VESC CanBus Adapter - Attach Dual VESC's for records communication. Don't neglect to establish VESC to Master/Slave. The CAN bus Adapter communicates VESC 1 to VESC 2. Needed for Dual Electric Motor Create.

Extra Connectors
- VESC Sensor Cord Adapter - The Sensor Wire Adapter is an adapter to attach our Sensored Motors sensored cable to the VESC. Sensing unit cords may not be called for however are commonly made use of in FOC Sensored (VESC Method) which are going to be actually much more silent. About 95% of users manage Unsensored setups given that they function completely without sensing units. This is simply an added alternative as well as not called for. If you decide on certainly not to make use of sensing units that are consisted of in the motor you may just tuck all of them in to your enclosure. I would certainly certainly not advise cutting off the sensor wires. - Mini USB Cord - A Mini USB cable television is required to configure the VESC. This is a regular Mini USB Cable television as well as isn't called for if you already have one.

Existing VESC Specifications
- v4.12 Components - v3.34 for Firmware - 10awg electric motor wires w/ 5.5 mm bullet adapters. - 2mm JST-PH Connectors (all adapters) - Bootloader and Firmware Loaded. - Body weight = 4.5 ounces * You are required to perform your own Motor Discovery & Setups correction to your setup. Our team do have Electric Skateboard Tutorials on this setup and also setup.

VESC BLDC Electric Skateboard ESC Rewards
- Solid, Dependable as well as Progressive Electric Brakes. - Begin with a stop along with Unsensored/Sensorless Motors as if they are Sensored. - A Lot Of Safety And Security Components like Present Control and Temperature Control Characteristic - Sensored and also Unsensored (FOC) Field Oriented Control permits your electric skateboard to operate extra efficiently with rarely any type of motor sound.

VESC BLDC Electric Skateboard ESC Specs.
- Installed 5V BEC (Used to energy your receiver.) - Current: 8V to 60V (Approximately 14S LiPo Voltage) - Current: Up to 240A for a couple of secs or 50A continuous - PCB size is actually 40mm x 60mm - Cultural Braking - Sensored or even Sensorless operation - Terrific start-up torque with sensorless electric motors - VESC complete measurements is actually 120mm long, 40mm broad. - Electric Battery Cables = XT90 Female w/ 5mm Man Bullet Connectors w/ 10awg High Silicon Strand Wire - Motor Wires = 5.5 mm Bullet Connectors w/ 10awg High Silicon Fiber Cable

VESC Tutorials & Videos
- How to Configure the VESC * BLDC Mode - Exactly How to Setup VESC FOC Mode * FOC Setting Exactly how To hook up RC Mini Remote To VESC How To specify VESC FOC Method

VESC BLDC Guarantee
No fuss, inexpensive VESC with no service warranty. At our present cost factor, our team will certainly not have the ability to offer a full manufacturer's warranty on VESCs. However, they are tested before cargo.

The VESC is very vulnerable to damage if used inaccurately. It is actually still and also a beta product. Delight in being on the cutting advantage at an inexpensive price! We perform our finest to get you up and running without complications. Please view our YouTube Videos on setup.

VESC is currently a BETA product.
By purchasing the VESC without service warranty is actually upon your very own Danger. Any sort of DRV8302 mistakes or inaccuracies after screening are your personal responsibility. We carry out not give any sort of replacements or even gains.

We do our greatest through substantial testing on our side that includes packing the bootloader/firmware, testing BLDC mode, motor detection and also testing FOC setting. We manage these tests 2-3 times. If our team manage to carry out the observing with no issues, the VESC prepares to be shipped.
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