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Not accredited by the Better Business Bureau
4 rating on Trustpilot
Requires customers to talk to a salesperson

CarShield is not accredited by the Better Business Bureau but it does have a good rating on Trustpilot, a global business review site, which awards them a 4 star rating – equivalent to ‘Great’.

Its quote process is generally where the company falters compared to many of its rivals. Although the website has all the standard fields for potential customers to fill out to acquire a quote, the company doesn't email quotes, instead requiring customers to talk to a salesperson – which is a more pressurized situation than many people may feel comfortable with. The number of follow-up calls is also numerous compared to some of its competitors.

This problem aside, the main CarShield website is otherwise relatively informative, and the length and readability of its contracts are good, with samples of each product available online and, as noted, in Spanish should you require it.

CarShield Extended Car Warranty: Verdict
CarShield’s strength lies in the range of products that it can offer customers looking for extended vehicle warranties. The company’s choice of 37 separate plans is well above most of its peers, as well as their customizability, from their entry-level to comprehensive plans.

There really does seem to be a plan for almost every vehicle (under the 300,000 mile limit). However, its quote process is less impressive, and could be a deterrent to potential customers who have an aversion to sales calls.

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