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The Dominican urban artist Mr. MALY releases his long-awaited single "Firulais" (I Am A Dog). The song speaks of this artist's love for Latin women of all shapes, sizes and skin tones, which include blonde (blonde), brunette (dark skinned), Colombian, Mexican, Cuban, Dominican, Venezuelan and The Puerto Rican
This theme, written by him under the production of Jay Beats, went viral thanks to the humorous content of his lyrics which account achieved a good acceptance with DJs on the national territory and the United States, thus showing his strong drag searching. The single is already a fan favorite, "Firulais" is MR's last single. MALY and the first single "Boast" the album to be released at no more February 2020. In short enough time the subject Firulais accumulated more than 1.2 million views on youtube in less than six weeks since its release. Firulais was filmed in his native Dominican Republic.
The striking lyrics for this song and its energetic rhythm set a negative of brand new music video directed by MH Filmz & Gigamix Musical, which follows a cinematographic narrative of a working man who finds his house after several days outside. The bride and groom claims that where he was and when he simply explains that he should not fall in love.
With this song, this facet exponent begins to give a change to his career in relation to lyrics and audiovisual content, thus beginning a new direction in the genre. THE Urban Exponent Mr. Maly keeps working hard, has released two issues much this weeks. Currently the interpreter of "Animal" is working on his next singles resulting from his company "Boots 2 Grounds PR". Among his plans is return to Europe and take his repertoire for the United States, a nation he has not been able to go to by negotiation agreement with artistic managers.
Mr. Maly is an urban music artist whose experience and training has been increased via a constant fire that takes place in the neighborhoods, and also his interaction with other prominent exponents of this genre for instance Paramba, Ceky Viciny and Musicolo El Verdadero Libro.
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