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The Internet has revolutionized the world of business. If offered by the Web Hosting provider, there are also reseller hosting plans titled as White Label Reseller Plans." These plans are an extension of a reseller offering that allows for a customer to brand their hosting company over the existing hosting companies infrastructure.

Let's say that you have a website VPS (keeps your website files) and a database VPS (keeps your database server application and content.) Using traditional networking connections your website would need to go out of the host server to the nearest Internet DNS server just to come back into the same host server but to be directed to the database on the other VPS.

Canada has also recently introduced HST in most places throughout the country, which means that if a Canadian business uses Canadian hosting providers, they won't have to pay taxes on it. This is because they can redeem the HST tax credit on their internet services.

That's why iPage has our vote for best value hosting overall , offering shared server users a free domain; unlimited domains, email, storage, and bandwidth; and your choice of a drag-and-drop site builder or single-click installations for a CMS like Joomla or WordPress.

Any good website hosting services will back up their users' websites on a regular basis to ensure that you have a plan-B if something happens, if a server is damaged in a storm, if a flood hits the facility or if they need to clean a virus out of the main server.

We started tracking both overall uptime, and response times for the major hosting providers on our website host status page Look up some customer testimonials for the provider you're considering to find the real experience that others have gotten from their services considering uptime.

Maybe you're looking for webmail, maybe you want Google app integration, or maybe you just need a email protected " email address at your domain name, In any of the above scenarios, we recommend iPage email hosting , which includes webmail, SPAM filtering, virus protection, and a free email address (at your free domain name).

Website hosting is probably not going to be the biggest monthly expense for anyone running a small business in Canada. If you are running a Canadian business looking internet providers plans to target Canadians there are advantages to using our Canadian Web Hosting Services. Therefore, the best web hosting for Canada has to be located in Canada.

Bluebird Hosting is a leading Canadian Web Hosting company providing customers with Powerful, Reliable and Secure Web Hosting. I've hosted hundreds of websites across Canada and the United States, and during that time, I've seen plenty of hosts come and go.

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