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We got a tepid yet respectful tribute to the Glen Frey side of the Eagles featuring Jackson Browne; a fairly searing rendition of "Don't Wanna Fight" from the very retro sounding Alabama Shakes; and the freakshow of Johnny Depp joining Alice Cooper, Joe Perry and the Guns 'n Roses rhythm section for a salute to Motrhead madman Lemmy Kilmister.In contrast to that silliness, rapper Kendrick Lamar delivered an incendiary and undeniably dynamic mash up of two politically charged tunes, "Blacker the Berry" and "Alright," that rocked quite a bit harder than anything Cooper and his minions were able to conjure from the ghost of metal's past. And the cast of the hit Broadway musical "Hamilton" demonstrated how one might mine the past to create something fresh and new.The record hacks at the fictional label American Century in "Vinyl" would have recognized the Motrhead tribute and even Alabama Shakes as something not radically different from what they already knew.But the Kendrick Lamar performance had an element of danger and transgression that Finestra, as the impulsive, soul searching head of the label, would have appreciated as essentially and fundamentally rock 'n' roll in spirit and impact.At least, that's my hot read on "Vinyl" and the state of popular music at this particular point in time. I'm pretty sure there will be another upheaval, perhaps even a revolutionary one, in the realm of rock 'n' roll at some point in the next decade.But I'm going to spend the next couple of weeks ignoring Kanye's Twitter taunts and trolling expeditions in an effort to get beyond the hype surrounding "Life of Pablo" and get at the actual tracks on the album.

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