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Flower bouquets are an integral part of any wedding. Especially the wedding bouquet or the bridal bouquet that the blushing bride clutches as she walks down the aisle. The tradition of brides carrying bouquets originated way back to the Roman Times. It was a symbol of love, fertility, hope and new beginnings. In the middle ages, womenfolk carried bouquets of herbs and strong smelling flowers to ward off the evil spirits on their wedding day. The modern version of the bridal bouquet was made famous by Queen Victoria. When the Queen married Prince Albert, she carried a small clutch of flowers of moss and orange blossoms. Back in the Victorian times, lovers often exchanged flowers to express their affections, with each flower carrying a different meaning. Whatever the reason may be, it is undeniable that flowers add beauty and a touch of romance to a wedding.

Bouquets To Add A Charm

Bridal bouquets come in all different sizes and colors from opulent grand bouquets to a simple bunch. In modern times, bridal bouquets are selected and constructed carefully, according to the bride's desires. The bouquets are made with an assortment of flowers having different symbolic meanings or a uniform bunch conveying an important one. One of the most common blossoms that are common in almost all wedding bouquets is the small, delicate tufts of baby's breath flowers. Fresh baby's breath adds a touch of bright and color to your bouquet. The come on a variety of shades and a popular blossom among the florists. There was a time when they would include them in all arrangements. Now if you're wondering where to buy baby's breath, colored wholesale baby's breath can be obtained in all flower markets. They are annual flowers and are quite affordable. Fresh baby's breath is vibrant and gives off a light odor and goes well with all other flowers in your arrangement.

Different ways to showcase love

Baby's breath has multiple meanings; they represent undying love, romantic bond, pureness, innocence, and holiness. Each color holds a different meaning. Fresh baby's breath comes in a variety of light shades like blue, yellow, white, pink and purple. The most commonly white and pink blooms represent everlasting love. Butter yellow blossoms symbolize light and joy and are used in weddings to represent happiness. They represent purity at a wedding. They can be used for all arrangements, for wedding bouquets to wedding centerpieces.

Aside from weddings, baby's breath can be used to congratulate mothers as it is associated with birth. Pink blossoms are an excellent alternative for roses during valentine's days. The baby's breath is used to send a message to your loved ones that you will stick by them no matter what. It acts as a symbol to express your dedication towards them.

In case you are wondering where to buy baby's breath and wish to buy them baby's breath wholesale, look no further than Whole Blossoms for fresh baby's breath delivered at your doorstep.

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