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The initial 2 applications for Union authorisation are for biocidal product families containing the energetic material iodine. The items

are used as anti-bacterials for veterinary health objectives (biocidal item type 3). The capacity for business to request Union

authorisation for their products as opposed to for nationwide authorisation and subsequently for mutual recognitions in all Member States is

among the main benefits of the guideline that replaced the previous instruction. It has taken nearly two years after the access right into

operation of the new policy for the first such applications to arrive.

ECHA will certainly make technical checking of both applications-- consisting of the invoice of the equivalent charge - before sending them to the

reviewing skilled authority (eCA) through R4BP 3. The eCA will certainly make certain that the applications are full and will assess the dossiers

within one year prior to giving the result to ECHA's Biocidal Products Committee.

The viewpoints of the Biocidal Products Committee are anticipated to be embraced within a maximum duration of 6 months. The Commission will

inevitably take the decision on the authorisation of the biocidal items at the Union degree. It is a challenge for all authorities

entailed to minimize the general period as long as feasible to show the credibility and also advantage of the new authorisation system.

As soon as a biocidal product is provided a Union authorisation, Biocide ( it can be marketed in all European markets without the requirement for numerous further

authorisation processes in several Member States. When thought about successful, it is expected that much more firms will certainly get this book

path for the authorisation of biocidal items in the future. A further element that might affect the variety of Union applications is the

degree of the fees for both different authorisation systems. The EU fee law is-- in accordance with the BPR - subject to evaluate by

the European Commission over the coming months.
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