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Maritime law is the law of the sea. Make sure you schedule your deep sea fishing charter boat well in advance, especially during peak season. Large boats are a great venue for kids or groups, but a smaller boat with fewer people will provide more mobility as well as more space to cast. Fishing charters are the stuff memories are made of. Getting away from everyday life and doing something special as a group - there's really nothing like it. This could be a regular event or a one-off thing.

Most charters include rods, reels, line, bait, fishing licenses, insurance and fuel. It is the most interactive and fun type of fishing charter as everyone is always doing something. Though dock, shoreline, and kayak fishing are fun, nothing is better than being out on the sea with your rod and reel in hand.

Your skipper will give fishing tuition throughout the day whether you're a first timer or a professional angler. The last "fishing" boat fishing charter has a dual purpose. We recommend calling and speaking to several captains to get a sense of their personality before booking your trip.

Anyone that holds a captain's license and has a boat can take you fishing. Private charters are usually scheduled through the captain, and you have the opportunity to remain in direct contact to ask questions. Speaking of prices, FishingBooker offers a Best Price Guarantee, so you never pay more than the captain's regular rates.

There are two main kinds of charter fishing in Islamorada, Florida - those that go out into the Atlantic Ocean, and those that ply the waters of the back country of Florida Bay. We offer a great fishing experience for anyone looking to catch their first fish or if they have been out fishing hundreds of times.
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