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Flappy Bird APK is one of those games in the smartphone gaming which are so much viral that they got millions of downloads in few days. If you ever had played Super Mario then this game is just like that game but more simpler and easier. In Super Mario, Mario is character which is jumping and passing through the pipes to get scores and points. Yet there are some more functions and things to do in Super Mario but this game is just tap on the screen which will result in flapping of the bird wings and bird will go higher.

Flappy Bird have to pass through the space between the pipes on the upper and lower side side and get the points. Each pipe crossing will give you one point. Bronze, Silver and Gold Medals are available for the players.

Some of the sources reported that Flappy Bird developer is earning more than $50k a day and we are more surprised to hear that within a period of 2 weeks, he has decided to remove it from the Android as well as iOS App store.

But Still those who like to download and install the game and enjoy it, they can search through the internet for the APK and IPA files as there are so many blogs offering download of APK and IPA files of the game.

What were the reasons behind the removing of the application from the app store and Google play are still not clear but right now these are not available there. Developer has tweeted that removing of the game was not due to some legal issues, simply this game has ruined his life. I think he is among some of those persons who don't like to get fame and want to remain unchecked otherwise how an application can ruin someone's life even if he is earning 50K $ a day from that game.

Flappy Bird APK is just the struggle of the individual person overnight, he hasn't spent days on developing this app, Most of the famous apps are the collective work of team but this game is unique in this sense. If still you haven't played this game then don't waste the opportunity and download and install.

Flappy Bird APK & IPA GAME Lover Play & Enjoy iPhone and Android - Super Hit Game
asked Mar 31 by DominicSwinf (100 points)

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