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Putting one of these laptop shades on your computer might make it look like an old-school microfiche reader from the mustiest corner of your local public library, but I think it could actually serve a useful purpose. Any laptop owner knows that toting your Vaio or MacBook outside is borderline impossible because the glare from the sun renders the screen unreadable. This add-on, called CompuShade, attaches to the top of your laptop and can be unfolded when you're outside and want to block the glare out.


Plus, it can keep people from snooping! So not only can you take your laptop to the park now, you can look at your favorite naughty hentai on it too! Isn't that cool?

It costs $25. Apparently it's one size fits all, and flattens to a small enough size so that you can still put your laptop in your designer tote of choice. However, the product page says it fits laptops up to 16", so those of you with 17" MacBook Pros might not be covered. (Ha ha, pun.)

(Via Apartment Therapy)


Crave Security Laptops

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